Cool Panda Club

Cool Panda Club

A NFT project in support of the adorable pandas worldwide. Huge collection of 10.000 pandas which are living on the Polygon blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. Each one of them has a unique set of attributes. All of the characters are still hidden.

Mint them and bring them alive!live mint


Cool Panda Club asks you to mint the adorable pandas. The 10.000 characters will appear in OpenSea after each one of them is minted. The Polygon gas fees are really cheap, so you do not have to worry about it! Enjoy your panda after successful mint!

The current minting price is 5 MATIC per NFT. It will increase step by step depending on the total supply, so the earlier you mint, the cheaper you can get! See the FAQ section below for more information.

? / 10000

5 Matic per 1 NFT

(excluding gas fees)

  • Please make sure you are connected to the correct address and the correct network (Polygon Mainnet) before purchasing. The operation cannot be undone after purchase.
  • We have set the gas limit to 285000 to successfully mint your NFT. We recommend that you do not lower the gas limit.

Do you have any questions about the Polygon network or MATIC? See the FAQ section below.


Where can I find the Cool Panda Club collection?

All the minted Cool Panda characters can be seen on OpenSea.

Where are the original images stored?

All Cool Pandas images and metadatas are securely stored on IPFS.

Are there any advantages for purchasing the Cool Panda NFTs?

Yes. Please check the roadmap down below.

How much is the minting price?

The current minting price is 5 MATIC per NFT. It will gradually increase depending on the total supply:

Total SupplyMinting Price
1-5001 MATIC
501-10004 MATIC
1001-25005 MATIC

The minting price may fluctuate slightly depending on the market price of MATIC.

How do I add the Polygon Network to my MetaMask?

In order to view the flow of funds in your accounts, on the Polygon Network, you will need to configure Polygon mainnet URL on Metamask.

See: Add Polygon Network



Giveaway of 25 Cool Panda NFTs to random members from Discord.


1.000 MATIC giveaway to 2 Cool Panda Holders + 1.000 MATIC buyback to raise the floor price.


Donating 2.500 MATIC to a community chosen NGO, which is committed to the conservation of panda life.


Creating a community wallet(DAO), which will be funded at the end of the minting process with 2.000 MATIC and a weekly 25% from the royalties. The DAO community votes on which crypto projects to reinvest.(*)

*DAO funds could be also used for purchasing Metaverse land in order to offer the 3D home of adorable Cool Panda NFTs where people can socialize with eachother.


Holders of Cool Panda NFTs will receive different goodies: merchandise, WL for future projects, free mints and more.

Join a wonderful community of adorable pandas. Your voice will count in protecting the wildlife of pandas; include possible artworks in our future projects.

If a developer team is established by the end of the minting process, we can move forward by creating a token and a P2E game which will bring extra value for the members of the Cool Panda Club.

Creator & Developer

Dragos Efrim


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